The LED gameboard is a tabletop game that consists out of 36 pushbuttons that can change their color using RGBW LEDs.
Up to 10 different games can be stored on the hardware and can be selected with a rotary switch.
The board can replay audio files that are stored on a MicroSD card.

Electronics are arduino based and freely programmable using the arduino IDE and a custom made arduino library.

Several games like “Sound Memory”, “Ataxx”, “TapTap” or “Laser Duel” are running on the board.

The LED Gameboard was built and programmed along with Prof. Dr. Rolf Lakämper.

Prototype #2

Wiring of prototype #2

Gaming on prototype #1

Gaming on prototype #1




  • USB B input
  • DC 2.1mm power input


  • MicroSD card socket, for any FAT16/FAT32 formatted SD card from 64mb or greater.
  • Decoder for mp3/mp2/mp2, mp4, aac, wma, wav files
  • Two broadbend speakers


  • Combined power on/off & volume rotary knob
  • 10-position rotary switch to select different programs
  • 36 arcade push buttons with built-in RGBW LEDs


  • master controller: arduino mega
  • slave controller: arduino uno